Monday, May 25, 2015

Disemballerina - "Undertaker" LP OUT NOW:


   We are proud to announce the release of one of the most stunning and moving albums to come along in a very long time. Disemballerina's - "Undertaker" LP.

   Disemballerina hail from Portland, Oregon and play a morbid twist of outsider classical / acoustic doom-metal and noisy, goth chamber music. Undertaker is heavy with unconventionally heavy instruments (Cello,violin, acoustic guitar and harp). Somber yet dynamic.. This masterpiece evokes a beautiful and brooding mood and stands as tribute to our cessation of breath. Every note played with conviction and poise. Such originality helps them stand as outsiders among outsiders in the best way possible.
  You could describe Disemballerina as "Neo-Classical", but they are simply much, much more.
Presented on 140g, "Portland storm cloud gray / lividity purple" colored vinyl and housed in a foldout sleeve. Order yours HERE.

Sample Here: Black Angel Trumpet

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