Monday, September 7, 2015

Grace018 & Grace027: Arche Cassette And Auroch 7" Out Now!

    After much delay and patience (from both ourselves and the band), Auroch's "Seven Veils" 7" EP finally sees its release on the intended vinyl format. 2 songs exclusive to this release. Some of their most violent and utterly maddening material to date. Insane Metal Of Death from Canada. Available on both 7" and cassette from our online store.
Sample HERE.

   Coming virtually out of nowhere this year is Arche's "Undercurrents" EP. Finnish Funeral Doom in the veins of Skepticism and Thergothon. Somber passages flow through this like an Autumn stream past a funeral.... Features members of Profetus. Limited cassette release.
Sample HERE.

   Both new releases can be found HERE along with all other available Graceless Recordings titles and an extensive amount of distributed items that have just been added.