Sunday, December 25, 2016

On The Mo(u)rning Of The Bastard Hobo's Birth: Aborted Christ Childe - << Aliv 'N' Unreleas'd >>

Grace033: Aborted Christ Childe - << Aliv 'N' Unreleas'd >> Discography Cassette. Limited to fuck you amount of copies. No flag. No pre-order. OUT NOW. 
     In 1995, requesting "Black Metal" in a record store would get you either a nonplussed expression or
 24-7 SPYZ. In Chicago, Illinois, two talented and depressed men in their 20's had decided to consolidate their musical efforts from avant-garde Noise Core to through-composed savage USBM. The result was ABORTED CHRIST CHILDE, an expression of deep mysanthropy and murderous rage so violent and mercurial it threatened to burst beyond the confines of song. The goal was music that was the fastest, the loudest and the most severe EVER; on the lip of becoming pure noise, but held within the limits of perceptible order by an inexhaustible anger. The setting of the band, industrial Chicago, was destitute, hopeless, morbidly depressing, being attacked in corpse-paint by gang-bangers with crucifixes on, arms broken, and record labels failing to issue as promised; time and again, none had the balls.
"Ambo et ita nec"

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Grace023/Grace034 Asubha and Graveolence OUT NOW:

Today brings the ferocious release of 2 more sects of stoic obscurity and rot by the way of Graveolence (Can) - "Malformation" CS and Asubha - "Le Jésuve" CS....
    Emerging from dark and unknown lands, Asubha unleash their debut EP ‘Le Jésuve’. Two tracks of furious yet refined black metal lit by the raging fires of old, ‘Le Jésuve’ draws on the traditions of the Swedish, French, and early American masters like Armagedda, Seigneur Voland, and Judas Iscariot to deliver a relentless blend of melancholia, violence, and agony. No rest, no peace—only the fire of the mind. For they are the wolfish, they rise from below. With hammer blow will and eyes to the sun, their act of creation has only just begun.
Sample the track "Ethos Of Ruin"

     Without including anything outlandish or gimmicky, the young Vancouver, Canada trio, Graveolence, have simply forged a demo that is unquestionably death metal, but also entirely novel. Malformation is eight tracks in seventeen minutes. A fetid scent hanging in that drafty air with hooks suspended from the ceilings and ominous stains on the raw wooden floors. Huff the rot…
You can listen to "Malformation" in its entirety HERE.

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Monday, May 30, 2016

Gevurah, AmphisbaenA & Chthe'ilist OUT NOW:

  This day sees the release of a Canadian trinity of filth....

Grace026: Gevurah (Can) - "Dialog Of Broken Stars" 7" EP
"...Now they gleam more than ever...Turned to dark stars of black light. A new dawn of endless night. Broken and unbroken, they shine of pure light..."
Gevurah strikes back with a new 2 song EP: "Dialog Of Broken Stars". The perfect bridge between "Necheshirion" and "Hallelujah!", this EP features one bleak hymn of horror and void...Black Metal in it's purest form..the second track, an ambient experiment, which aims to take the listener on a spiritual journey beyond the stars, concludes this release.
Due out this past Winter but plagued with delays from our (now former) pressing plant, the "Dialog Of Broken Stars" has now begun...

Grace031: Chthe'ilist (Can) - "Le Dernier Crépuscule" Cassette

  The cassette version (licensed from Profound Lore) of the anticipated debut CHTHE’ILIST album “Le Dernier Crepuscule” is now available to order through our website and ship. Bizarre and rotten melodies...strange tales and vibrations of old magick...Truly a Death Metal monument and one of Death Metal’s defining moments of 2016 in its morbid, otherworldly and labyrinthine atmosphere.
Exclusive art/layout to this format. 150 copies produced.

Sample: Le Dernier Crépuscule

Grace032: AmphisbaenA (Can) - "S/t" Cassette

"It has a twin head, that is one at its tail-end as well, as though it were not enough for poison to be poured out of one mouth."

   Being the mythological two-headed snake with a taste for ants and human corpses, Amphisbaena seems a star-crossed name for a band featuring current and ex-members of Antediluvian, Rites of Thy Degringolade, and Weapon. Although you may see it somewhere described as such, Amphisbaena’s self-titled debut EP is more than just an offering of meta-sadistic, anti-cosmic smothering blackened death. By taking an overall Daedalian approach to writing their songs and supplanting conventional riffs with movements (i.e. not a lot of licks or repetition), Amphisbaena’s arrived at something rather artful for a metal demo. Additionally, three of its four members provide vocals and the result is something like a Greek tragedy set in some post-apocalyptic opium den with Haasiophis of Antediluvian cast as the gurgling chorus. 

Sample: AmphisbaenA

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lycus "Chasms" & Siaskel "Haruwen Airen" Cassettes Released:

Grace0029: Siaskel (Chile) - "Haruwen Airen" Cassette.

 The band uses Spanish and the 'Ona' language: the language of the Selk'nam, an indigenous people in the Patagonian region of southern Argentina and Chile, including the Tierra del Fuego islands. The people's cultural independence finally got more or less extinct in the middle of the 20th century, caused by the invasion of ethnic Europeans. 

"Siaskel" was an unmerciful-devourer of man, woman & children on the popular myths of the Selk'nam people at the end of Patagonia and he became a volcano after being conquered by a shaman.... Siaskel play a style of Black Death Metal not unlike their namesake. Unmerciful but at times melodic. Growling macabre passages amid a melee of razor sharp riffs and barbaric bludgeoning seeped in South American lore....
Definitely for fans of Sarcofago, Dissection and The Chasm.

Sample "Haruwen Airen" HERE
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Grace0030: Lycus (USA) - "Chasms" Cassette. 

Long time Graceless Recordings conspirators LYCUS return with their second full length "Chasms". This time under exclusive license from Relapse Records, Graceless is proud to release the cassette edition of their new Funeral Doom opus... wrought in murk and sadness, Lycus trudge forth once again with their monolithic, doom laden, funerary hymns.

Sample "Chasms" HERE
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Out Next/Now Pressing:
Gath Šmānê (USA) - "Trasmuted Marrow" - 7"
Gevurah (Can) - "Dialogue Of Broken Stars" - 7"
Chthe'ilist (Can) - "Le Dernier Crépuscule" - Cassette
Continuing Into Late Winter...:
Asubha (USA) - " Le Jésuve " - Cassette
Hostium (Can) - " The Bloodwine Of Satan " - Cassette
AmphisbaenA (Can) - " Amphisbaena " - Cassette

Gath Šmānê:

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Grace024: Luminous Vault - "Communion" Cassette OUT NOW!

    Graceless Recordings is proud to release the debut offering from LUMINOUS VAULT. Their "Communion" cassette E.P. boasts two tracks of melodic Death Metal that will certainly appeal to fans of Greek Black Metal and Black/Death enthusiasts alike. Anonymous with minimal layout....Music standing on its own, raising a chalice and crushing down like a hammer....the blood of the god is the seed of the revolt and delivering the wound....

Decibel Magazine had this to say: Luminous Vault
Order and sample: HERE

  Luminous Vault will have their debut live performance at this years Martyrdoom Festival in NYC.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Grace018 & Grace027: Arche Cassette And Auroch 7" Out Now!

    After much delay and patience (from both ourselves and the band), Auroch's "Seven Veils" 7" EP finally sees its release on the intended vinyl format. 2 songs exclusive to this release. Some of their most violent and utterly maddening material to date. Insane Metal Of Death from Canada. Available on both 7" and cassette from our online store.
Sample HERE.

   Coming virtually out of nowhere this year is Arche's "Undercurrents" EP. Finnish Funeral Doom in the veins of Skepticism and Thergothon. Somber passages flow through this like an Autumn stream past a funeral.... Features members of Profetus. Limited cassette release.
Sample HERE.

   Both new releases can be found HERE along with all other available Graceless Recordings titles and an extensive amount of distributed items that have just been added.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Five New Tape Releases: Ēōs, Auroch, Hail/Thoabath, Décombres, Black Earth

  Today we are proud to announce the release of five unique tape releases. 5 styles from 6 distinctive acts. We've bundled them together as a special in our online store. $21.99 for all 5 (detailed descriptions below). Samples of each new release can be heard here along with samples of all of our past, present and some future releases. Speaking of which, we would like to announce that we will be releasing the debut from new Finnish Funeral Doom act ARCHE. Arche features members of the excellent Funeral Doom act, Profetus.

The Arche cassette EP "Undercurrents", will be available for purchase on or before August, 15 and each cassette will contain a download code for the digital version. Sample the song "Funereal Folds" here. 

Grace016 - Hail / Thoabath - "Corrupted Bodies I : Blood" Cassette:
  "Corrupted Bodies I: Blood" boasts 2 tracks each creeping over the 13 minute mark. Hail, with their impressive resume of mixed styles present their track CUT THE BLOOD. A steely, harsh, noise affair beckoning to the old ways of Cold Meat and true Death Industrial. This is something sinister...darker...colder. Abusing everything and anything it gets its hands on...
Thoabath stabs forward with the track OCULI W.A.C. Thoabath is a solo project of Mr. A.C. Way (Sutekh Hexen etc.). Wrought with harsh noise bursts and calming chants, OCULI forces you to simultaneously meditate and praise 


Grace018: Auroch - "Seven Veils" Cassette / 7":
  Auroch spits forth from Vancouver, Canada with 2 new and exclusive tracks. Hateful, relentless death metal played at impossible speeds. . Technical and morbid. Featuring members of the Death-gods, Mitochondrion, Auroch stand alone and tower above all their contemporaries with "Seven Veils". Released on both cassette and 7" formats (7"in production).

Grace021: Décombres - "S​/​T" Cassette: 
  Hailing from Quebec, Canada, Décombres is the solo project of P. Boucher of Chthe'ilist. Ferocious and raw Black Metal with a razor sharp execution. A somber and solitary aura surrounds the 7 hymns that make this self titled cassette. Fans of Moonblood take note.

Grace022: Black Earth - "A Cryptic Howl Of Morbid Truth" Cassette:
  Mantric dissolution of suffocating and hopeless ritual ambient invocations, hailing among the ruins through improvisational meditative trances - from the unconscious to the enlightenment, spawning its swarming amalgam of noise, black metal and dark ambient miasmas. Droning asphyxiating psalms for the spiritually moribund, and the already dead. A very special release for us... comes housed in a full color slip-case.

Grace025: Ēōs - "S​/​T" Cassette:
  Ēōs hail from Washington state, USA and play some of the most miserable and superb Funeral Doom the genre has witnessed since the kingly Thergothon. Weeping passages and wretched vocals wrapped in a cerecloth of agony. Easily the most anticipated Death/Doom release of the year. Special hand screen-printed inserts.Metallic gold ink on specialty paper.