Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Grace012: GEVURAH - "Necheshirion" LP OUT NOW! & Recluse - "Frozen Blood" LP In Stock.

 (From Profound Lore:)   "Montreal, Canada’s GEVURAH portrays a virulent and aesthetically potent vision of lacerating black metal chaos and utter death worship through their hymns of plague and glorification.
Their debut release “Necheshirion” captures that moment of genuflection to give honor and praise to the reign of Lucifer during the inevitable dark aeon. Four songs spanning 28 minutes of poisonous religious black metal malevolence which signify the process of spiritual rebirth of the enlightened Self which rises from the ashes through fire and ultimately liberates itself through death."
  Originally released via Profound Lore Records on C.D., Graceless Recordings are proud to present the vinyl format of this modern masterpiece of Satanic art. "Necheshirion" also stands as our first vinyl release. Packaged in a gloriously designed jacket with printed, double sided, full color, inner-sleeve and pressed on black vinyl and limited to 300 copies.

Track-listing for “Necheshirion” (Hebrew for snake-like) goes as follows:
1. The Essence Unbound
3. The Throne Of Lucifer
4. Divine Ignition

We also are proud to have Recluse - "Frozen Blood" LP's in stock as well. These are limited to 250 and nearly sold out everywhere.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


Grace013: Alraune (USA) - "S/T - EP 2014" cassette out now!  Alraune hail from Nashville, TN and play a murky and violent style of Black Occult Metal. This EP showcases what to expect from their upcoming full-length "The Process OF Self Immolation" ( CD via Profound Lore and LP via Gilead Media). Definitely for fans of older Death Spell Omega, S.V.E.S.T., Warloghe etc., etc. Intense and well executed, hateful blackness.

Sample: Alraune - The Curse Of Undying Will

Grace014: PISSGRAVE (USA) - "S/T Demo 2014" Pissgrave (Philadelphia, PA) are RUTHLESS. Blown out, distorted, MADNESS not unlike the early Amon demos and first Deicide LP... but don't let that fool you (or the name for that matter)...they play a style all their own. Insane Metal Of Death. 7 Tracks of unrelenting HORRIFYING riffs and vocals.


Order both Pissgrave and Alraune tapes HERE

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Weightlessness Cassette EP and Lycus "Tempest" Cassette OUT NOW!

Lycus - "Tempest" (L) & Weightlessness - "Of Lachrymose Grief" (R)

Grace009: Lycus (USA) - "Tempest" cassette out now! Licensed from 20 Buck Spin (who released the LP/CD version, available here:, Lycus return with their debut full length "TEMPEST" taking the misery and despair felt and heard on the "Demo MMXI" to the next level. Crushing guitar riffs and weeping vocals round out a POWERFUL album now available on cassette. Lycus have progressed into a style of their own...described best as funeral or death doom, Tempest will appeal to fans of sincere, dark music across the board.

Grace010: Weightlessness (USA) - "Of Lachrymose Grief" cassette out now! Weightlessness is a new, young death-doom band hailing from California and making ripples in a big way. After a few set-backs and a moving performance at 2013's Stella Natura festival, "Of Lachrymose Grief" is finally available. 3 original dirges and a Black Sabbath cover (Solitude, featuring Mike Meacham from Loss doing guest vocals) make for a solid debut EP from this promising new doom cult.

sample a song here:  By The Lore Of A Morose Stench

Order both new titles HERE

Gevurah and A.M.S.G. LP's are pressing now! 

Limited edition flag available with first 100 A.M.S.G. LP's :

Out Next:

Grace011: A.M.S.G. (Can) - Anti-cosmic Tyranny LP with limited edition flag.

Grace012: Gevurah (Can) - Necheshirion LP

Grace013: Alraune (USA) - Title TBA Cassette EP

Grace014: Auroch (Can) - Seven Veils 7"

Grace015: Disemballerina (USA) - Title TBA LP

Grace016: Hail (USA) - Crimson Madrigal DLP

Grace017: Inkisitor (Fra) - Demo LP

Grace018: Nafarmaan (Ban) - Quayamat Lullaby Cassette

Grace019: Pissgrave (USA) - Demo Cassette ( Out sometime in may in time for their gig with Diocletian in NY)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Recluse & Chthe'ilist Tapes OUT NOW Along with Lycus Demo Repress and LP News....

Grace007: Recluse (USA) - Self Titled - Demo 2013
Grace008: Chthe'ilist (Can) -Amechth’ntaas’m’rriachth - Demo 2012

Order HERE

Samples HERE

Grace007: Recluse (USA) - Self Titled - Demo 2013. 3 songs of low-fi, minimalistic Black Metal in the vein of LLN...ugly and violent Blackness played the old way. Not for sound fetish wimps. Recluse is the music of repulsive violence without compromise.
Recluse on Facebook

Grace008: Chthe'ilist (Can) -Amechth’ntaas’m’rriachth - Demo 2012. Chthe'ilist play bizarre and chaotic Death Metal. Completely original in intent and execution drawing influences from Finnish Death Metal and the Cthulhu Mythos...
Chthe'ilist on Facebook

Due to popular demand we have repressed and additional 200 copies of  the LYCUS - "Demo MMXI" cassette.
Lycus on Facebook

Next out will be the Weightlessness demo followed by the Disemballerina LP and Auroch - 7" respectively.

Graceless Recordings is proud to announce 2 more releases of arcane art set for January 2014...
A.M.S.G. - "Anti-Cosmic Tyranny" - LP
Gevurah - "Necheshirion" - LP 
More details soon... you've been warned.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

New Release Schedule For The Remainder Of 2013 / Early 2014

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! : The following is a list of the next few Graceless Recordings releases in (somewhat..don't quote us on that, delays happen) order:

Recluse - Cassette
Chthe'ilist - "Amechth'ntaas'm'rriachth" Cassette
Weightlessness - "Of Lachrymose Grief" Cassette
Auroch - 7"
A.M.S.G - "The Principle of Evil Becomes the Ideal of the Promethean" Pic LP (split release with Parasitic Records)
Disemballerina - Full Length LP

More news to come soon...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 17, 2013: Three New Aural Assaults To Unjoy... Sewer Goddess, Black Fucking Cancer, Reinforcemnt:Punishment OUT NOW:

Grace004: Black Fucking Cancer (USA) - Summoning Aural Hell - Demo 2012
Grace005: Sewer Goddess (USA) - Mutilation Process - Live 2012 Tape
Grace006: Reinforcement:Punishment / Moved Beyond Murder (USA/USA - Split Tape (This is a split label release with Supremacy Temple)

Order HERE

Samples of all 3 new releases HERE  

Grace004: Black Fucking Cancer (USA) - "Summoning Aural Hell" Demo 2012.  One of California's darkest secrets... 4 tracks of violent Black Metal for fans of murder.

Grace005: Sewer Goddess (USA) - "Mutilation Process" Live 2012 Tape.
Recorded live 5/19/2012 in a cesspool. Dismal Death-Industrial... sickness and disease in the raw from one of the best acts in the genre.

Sewer Goddess on Reverb Nation
Sewer Goddess on Facebook

Grace006: Reinforcement:Punishment / Moved Beyond Murder (USA/USA - "S/T Split Tape" (This is a split label release with Supremacy Temple).
4 Tracks of vile, perverse Power Electronics from two upcoming projects from the U.S.A.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Grace003: Dagger Of Sacrifice (Nor) - Demo 2003 OUT NOW & Vesicus Demo Available As FREE Download...

Now available to order: Dagger Of Sacrifice (Nor) - Demo 2003. Some of the most filthy, cruel, funeral doom to ever haunt the air. Created by Profanation of Deity (Unholy Crucifix, Spectral Woods etc.) in 2003 but lay rotting until now. Limited to 200 copies. Red cassette with black print and double sided insert.
samples available via our Bandcamp page (click the LISTEN tab above). The sound can best be described Thergothon's demo meets Burzum's Filosofem only more negative than both. 2 utterly suffocating tracks of black, suicide music.

   Our first 2 releases are now SOLD OUT, (Vesicus & Lycus) but we have made the Vesicus - "Magi: Within The Sigil Of Kia " demo available as a FREE download via our Bandcamp page (click the LISTEN tab above). Unjoy.

Out Next:

Wold - Rabbit Cabinet 7"
Barren Harvest - 7x7x7" box
+ More TBA