Saturday, August 8, 2015

Five New Tape Releases: Ēōs, Auroch, Hail/Thoabath, Décombres, Black Earth

  Today we are proud to announce the release of five unique tape releases. 5 styles from 6 distinctive acts. We've bundled them together as a special in our online store. $21.99 for all 5 (detailed descriptions below). Samples of each new release can be heard here along with samples of all of our past, present and some future releases. Speaking of which, we would like to announce that we will be releasing the debut from new Finnish Funeral Doom act ARCHE. Arche features members of the excellent Funeral Doom act, Profetus.

The Arche cassette EP "Undercurrents", will be available for purchase on or before August, 15 and each cassette will contain a download code for the digital version. Sample the song "Funereal Folds" here. 

Grace016 - Hail / Thoabath - "Corrupted Bodies I : Blood" Cassette:
  "Corrupted Bodies I: Blood" boasts 2 tracks each creeping over the 13 minute mark. Hail, with their impressive resume of mixed styles present their track CUT THE BLOOD. A steely, harsh, noise affair beckoning to the old ways of Cold Meat and true Death Industrial. This is something sinister...darker...colder. Abusing everything and anything it gets its hands on...
Thoabath stabs forward with the track OCULI W.A.C. Thoabath is a solo project of Mr. A.C. Way (Sutekh Hexen etc.). Wrought with harsh noise bursts and calming chants, OCULI forces you to simultaneously meditate and praise 


Grace018: Auroch - "Seven Veils" Cassette / 7":
  Auroch spits forth from Vancouver, Canada with 2 new and exclusive tracks. Hateful, relentless death metal played at impossible speeds. . Technical and morbid. Featuring members of the Death-gods, Mitochondrion, Auroch stand alone and tower above all their contemporaries with "Seven Veils". Released on both cassette and 7" formats (7"in production).

Grace021: Décombres - "S​/​T" Cassette: 
  Hailing from Quebec, Canada, Décombres is the solo project of P. Boucher of Chthe'ilist. Ferocious and raw Black Metal with a razor sharp execution. A somber and solitary aura surrounds the 7 hymns that make this self titled cassette. Fans of Moonblood take note.

Grace022: Black Earth - "A Cryptic Howl Of Morbid Truth" Cassette:
  Mantric dissolution of suffocating and hopeless ritual ambient invocations, hailing among the ruins through improvisational meditative trances - from the unconscious to the enlightenment, spawning its swarming amalgam of noise, black metal and dark ambient miasmas. Droning asphyxiating psalms for the spiritually moribund, and the already dead. A very special release for us... comes housed in a full color slip-case.

Grace025: Ēōs - "S​/​T" Cassette:
  Ēōs hail from Washington state, USA and play some of the most miserable and superb Funeral Doom the genre has witnessed since the kingly Thergothon. Weeping passages and wretched vocals wrapped in a cerecloth of agony. Easily the most anticipated Death/Doom release of the year. Special hand screen-printed inserts.Metallic gold ink on specialty paper.

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