Sunday, September 28, 2014

A.M.S.G. - "Anti-Cosmic Tyranny" & NAFARMAAN - "Quayamat Lullaby" EP OUT NOW! NEW STORE LAYOUT:


     From notorious, Canadian Black Metal terrorists, A.M.S.G: “Anti-Cosmic Tyranny. An album whose mission statement is to “salute and push forth the awakened era of Esoteric Luciferian Supremacy.” 
Helmed by black metal crime lord, Angelfukk Witchhammer (also a member of Gloria Diaboli and the legendary and now-defunct Ouroboros cult.), A.M.S.G. play brand of primitive old-school black metal that summons the ancient spirit from an age and era where black metal was deemed for ritual use and unabashed devil worship. Reminiscent of the vibe of such Black Metal luminaries as Mortuary Drape, early Samael, early Rotting Christ, Necromantia, and Varathron, with their debut full-length, A.M.S.G. have created an audial Satanic ritual steeped in raw and harsh, unique and polarizing Black Metal, unlike anything being released in the genre today. It is an album that conjures twisted, uneasy and deranged, mid-paced, progressive, odd song structures while incorporating dark, melancholic drear into its sound canvas of total death worship. Through its myriad of layered and subliminal sounds, noise, whispers and chants which culminate to form this 
Black Metal ritual of sonic invocation to honor the endless Dark Aeon and the CHAOTIC BLACK LIGHT!

Written and composed in its entirety by Angelfukk Witchhammer behind prison walls, “Anti-Cosmic Tyranny” according to A.W., is “...a kind of an irony because the "anti-cosmic" is of formlessness and separation, a cosmic freedom...but to Christianity, Judaism, or Islamic thought, the 11 thrones are their enemy. What is our freedom is their tyranny and vice versa. We think of God/Yahweh as enslavers and living under the ‘cosmic tyranny’. Indeed a title for them to fear!” 
Dedicated to the memory of Kaos Abhorrer.....died by his own hands July 9, 2014.

"A.M.S.G." stands for "Ad Majorem Satanae Gloriam" which is Latin and means "For the Greater Glory of Satan".

Licensed from Profound Lore Records for this exclusive vinyl version.

- 36" x 48" full color flag  (limited availability)
- Custom 5mm slipcase outer cover 
- 300g full color reverse-board jacket 
- 12 page Full color 12" booklet 
- 140g blood red w/black splatter virgin vinyl
- Limited to 333

Also available in:
 - Europe via Iron Bonehead
 - Canada via Profound Lore and directly from the band: A.M.S.G.




    'Quayamat Lullaby', the debut, 4 track EP from Nafarmaan (Nafarmaan translates to "the blasphemer, the disobedient") - 'Quayamat' is an Urdu word derived from the Arabic word Qiyamah meaning "The Day of Judgement".

    Their sound has a raw touch, blending carefully structured melodies and Eastern influence. Other influences include Old Black/Death bands ranging from Blasphemy to Dissection, Sarcofago to Abhorer and bleed through while still maintaining an original and Asian-metal vibe… 
Founder, Nohttzver, is also the co-founder and ex-drummer of the band Weapon (R.I.P.).

Included will be logo vinyl stickers, while they last. (Fewer quantity than tapes)



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