Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Grace012: GEVURAH - "Necheshirion" LP OUT NOW! & Recluse - "Frozen Blood" LP In Stock.

 (From Profound Lore:)   "Montreal, Canada’s GEVURAH portrays a virulent and aesthetically potent vision of lacerating black metal chaos and utter death worship through their hymns of plague and glorification.
Their debut release “Necheshirion” captures that moment of genuflection to give honor and praise to the reign of Lucifer during the inevitable dark aeon. Four songs spanning 28 minutes of poisonous religious black metal malevolence which signify the process of spiritual rebirth of the enlightened Self which rises from the ashes through fire and ultimately liberates itself through death."
  Originally released via Profound Lore Records on C.D., Graceless Recordings are proud to present the vinyl format of this modern masterpiece of Satanic art. "Necheshirion" also stands as our first vinyl release. Packaged in a gloriously designed jacket with printed, double sided, full color, inner-sleeve and pressed on black vinyl and limited to 300 copies.

Track-listing for “Necheshirion” (Hebrew for snake-like) goes as follows:
1. The Essence Unbound
3. The Throne Of Lucifer
4. Divine Ignition

We also are proud to have Recluse - "Frozen Blood" LP's in stock as well. These are limited to 250 and nearly sold out everywhere.

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