Sunday, April 27, 2014


Grace013: Alraune (USA) - "S/T - EP 2014" cassette out now!  Alraune hail from Nashville, TN and play a murky and violent style of Black Occult Metal. This EP showcases what to expect from their upcoming full-length "The Process OF Self Immolation" ( CD via Profound Lore and LP via Gilead Media). Definitely for fans of older Death Spell Omega, S.V.E.S.T., Warloghe etc., etc. Intense and well executed, hateful blackness.

Sample: Alraune - The Curse Of Undying Will

Grace014: PISSGRAVE (USA) - "S/T Demo 2014" Pissgrave (Philadelphia, PA) are RUTHLESS. Blown out, distorted, MADNESS not unlike the early Amon demos and first Deicide LP... but don't let that fool you (or the name for that matter)...they play a style all their own. Insane Metal Of Death. 7 Tracks of unrelenting HORRIFYING riffs and vocals.


Order both Pissgrave and Alraune tapes HERE

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