Saturday, August 20, 2016

Grace023/Grace034 Asubha and Graveolence OUT NOW:

Today brings the ferocious release of 2 more sects of stoic obscurity and rot by the way of Graveolence (Can) - "Malformation" CS and Asubha - "Le Jésuve" CS....
    Emerging from dark and unknown lands, Asubha unleash their debut EP ‘Le Jésuve’. Two tracks of furious yet refined black metal lit by the raging fires of old, ‘Le Jésuve’ draws on the traditions of the Swedish, French, and early American masters like Armagedda, Seigneur Voland, and Judas Iscariot to deliver a relentless blend of melancholia, violence, and agony. No rest, no peace—only the fire of the mind. For they are the wolfish, they rise from below. With hammer blow will and eyes to the sun, their act of creation has only just begun.
Sample the track "Ethos Of Ruin"

     Without including anything outlandish or gimmicky, the young Vancouver, Canada trio, Graveolence, have simply forged a demo that is unquestionably death metal, but also entirely novel. Malformation is eight tracks in seventeen minutes. A fetid scent hanging in that drafty air with hooks suspended from the ceilings and ominous stains on the raw wooden floors. Huff the rot…
You can listen to "Malformation" in its entirety HERE.

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