Saturday, September 7, 2013

Recluse & Chthe'ilist Tapes OUT NOW Along with Lycus Demo Repress and LP News....

Grace007: Recluse (USA) - Self Titled - Demo 2013
Grace008: Chthe'ilist (Can) -Amechth’ntaas’m’rriachth - Demo 2012

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Grace007: Recluse (USA) - Self Titled - Demo 2013. 3 songs of low-fi, minimalistic Black Metal in the vein of LLN...ugly and violent Blackness played the old way. Not for sound fetish wimps. Recluse is the music of repulsive violence without compromise.
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Grace008: Chthe'ilist (Can) -Amechth’ntaas’m’rriachth - Demo 2012. Chthe'ilist play bizarre and chaotic Death Metal. Completely original in intent and execution drawing influences from Finnish Death Metal and the Cthulhu Mythos...
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Due to popular demand we have repressed and additional 200 copies of  the LYCUS - "Demo MMXI" cassette.
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Next out will be the Weightlessness demo followed by the Disemballerina LP and Auroch - 7" respectively.

Graceless Recordings is proud to announce 2 more releases of arcane art set for January 2014...
A.M.S.G. - "Anti-Cosmic Tyranny" - LP
Gevurah - "Necheshirion" - LP 
More details soon... you've been warned.

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